People often ask me if I ever worry about the future of our music. With artists like Heidi… the future is safe.” - Jorma Kaukonen

— The Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna

Heidi Holton's music is both new and familiar. With grace, she carries on the great traditions the masters of our music and makes it her own.” - Jesse Finkelstein

— Blues Radio International

Catching charismatic Heidi Holton's gig at Fur Peace Ranch made me a lifelong fan. Absolutely stunning as she cast her spell using her originals and authentic blues songs seeped in the tradition of the Southern Country and Bayou Blues masters. This dark eyed country girl Blues sorceress is the real deal. ” - Toby Gray (T Bone Mojo)

— It's a Beautiful Day

Heidi Holton - 2020 This is a brief summary of a gifted musician / songwriter based on my background stemming from Monterey Pop Festival, working for Bill Graham during the apex of “hippiedom” and the celebrated venues like The Fillmores East & West, Winterland in San Francisco and The Avalon Ballroom in the bay area by my longtime friend, Chet Helms. Amidst these catalyst of music that matters, they changed the face of music as it was known during the turbulence of the most violent decade known to mankind. It was a time when women evolved into the focal point of iconic bands. Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Sandy Denny & Cass Elliott among others who were instrumental in marking their bands for Lifetime Achievement Awards and at the same time, “Blues” musicians were on the brink of having women become iconic as well. Moving forward to 2020, Heidi Holton has slowly impacted the burgeoning hordes from New York to Ohio and beyond as she traveled to Italy and Scotland in 2019. Her release of first CD was a huge seller in Europe(over 5,000 units sold and climbing) and the neoteric pressing of “Why Mama Cries” will be the mirrored image of the first. “Why Mama Cries”, “The Hardest Card To Play”, “Nothing In Rambling” are tunes from the heart and enhanced by legendary artist, Rory Block. What defines the variables in any artist?. Similar to Grace Potter & Brandi Carlisle, Heidi maintains the often missing traits of most who assume that merely playing on a stage is the goal. It takes much more than an appearance. Charm, charisma, stage presence and crowd rapport are critical and Heidi has seemed to capture all the nuances with the proverbial “face" that launched a 1,000 ships. Her songs are captivating, lyrics from her soul and as a guitarist, Heidi immersed herself in learning from one of the best, Monsieur Jorma Kaukonen. Ubiquitous and more than capable, in a time zone in dire need of music that matters, Heidi is a scion, a prodigy of today’s music & as it has always been, brilliance is defined by the music that makes the heart smile.” - Don Aters

— Photographer

Hailing from Murphy (via Gainesville), Holton is a striking acoustic blues singer, well versed in slide guitar and howling harmonies. Her father ran a radio shop in Florida and recorded blues musicians who passed through town. As a kid, Holton discovered the reel-to-reel tapes and became utterly fascinated with the blues, a genre that gets in your blood and slowly takes over your whole aura. At 34, Holton, a sultry and vibrant soul, radiates the essence of the blues — passion, mystery and seduction through six-strings of heartache and redemption. Stay tuned for her debut album, expected to drop this fall.” - Garret K. Woodward

Smoky Mountain News

Heidi Holton's music is as sweet and solid as she is a person.  Her technique is clean yet raw and her stage presence is relaxed and witty.  Listeners love her truly authentic, solo blues sound and we can’t wait to have her back again at the John C. Campbell Folk School!” - Annie Fain Liden-Barralon

—  Music/Dance Coordinator, John C. Campbell Folk School

The new CD from Heidi Holton, Mockingbird Blues, is 10 tracks of acoustic folk/blues that is unique and entertaining.  She takes you on a journey of her past and weaves the tales together with her beautiful guitar work.  ” - Rick Kinsey

— Producer of the Deep Cuts Radio Show

Heidi is a treasure! A rare mix of soul fueled songwriting paired with powerful primal guitar skills. yourself all over town in plain sight you will not be found...Mockingbird Blues. ...were ladies dressed in black with silver buttons dancing down our backs...We Are The People. Get a quart Mason jar; mix in 4 fingers Tony Joe White swampy moonshine and 4 fingers Bonnie Raitt sweet dandelion wine. Shake it up and add some smooth Jorma Kaukonen tone. Yep. That's the formula...” - Walt Sample

— Big Mule Music 

A purveyor of Country Blues and a powerhouse performer, Heidi Holton is a n unassuming master of fingerpicking and slide guitar.  Her original songs reflect her passion for the Southern Blues tradition in a voice you will want to hear again and again.” - Frank Lee

— Musician/Songwriter