Setting Lights: $25

Mojo Bags: $30 - $75

Doll Babies mailed to you: $50

Doll Babies worked by me: $150 - $300

Bottle Spells mailed to you: $50

Bottle Spells plus 1 month altar work: $150

Honey jars mailed to you: $50

Honey Jars plus 1 month altar work: $150

Hands-on or Remote Cleansings: $100

Other Forms of Spell Casting: $25 - $500

Shipping (flat rate): $10

rootwork consultations

I require a 30 min reading/consultation before taking on any rootwork (other than setting a vigil light) and reserve the right to decline any job for any reason.

With spell casting, as in life, there are no guarantees. I DO guarantee that I will complete the working to the best of my ability, but the ultimate outcome is always in God's hands. And I trust his will, above my own, with all my heart.